We use cookies at all our sites for Honey limited hours performance and its user experience. This page explains co mo we do.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that u m site to be visited by User puts on your computer or on your device yo ur de vic through the mobile browser Internet (browser). Placing cookies help ha the site to recognize your device the next time that you visit the The. We use the term cookies on this policy to refer all files Pickup information in this way. The used cookies do not collect information that iden fies the user. Cookies collect general information, including the fo rm how users arrive and use the sites or part of the country / countries atravé s which access the site, etc. The Cookies retain only information related to your preferences. At any now the user can, through your browser Internet (browser) decide to be notified of the reception of cookies and blo quear the respective entry in system. The use of cookies refusal on the site, can r esultar it impossible to access to some of their fields or to receive infor Custom training.

What are cookies

Cookies are used to help determine the utility interest and the number of uses of the sites, allowing for navigation in May s quick and efficient and eliminates the need to repeatedly enter the same i nformation. What kind of cookies We use cookies have different functions :

- essential Cookies - Some Cookies are essential for access to specific areas of our site. Allow Web browsing action on the site and the use of their applications, such as accessing secure areas of the site through login. Without these cookies, the services they require can not be provided.

- Analytical Cookies - use the these cookies to analyze the how users use the site and monitor the performance of this. This allows provide us with a high quality experience to p ersonalizar our offer and quickly identify and correct any proble but they arise. For example, We use performance cookies to find out the shovel Most popular pages, which connection method between pages is more effective, or to determine the ratio some pages are receiving error messages . Based on the use of the site, We can also use these cookies to highlight Site articles or services think will be of interest to users. These c ookies are used only for rearing and statistical analysis without ever collect character information personnel.

- Functionality Cookies - U tilizamos cookies functionality to allow us to remember the prefe User ences. The cookies functionality keep the preferences used r on the use of the site, so that it is not necessary to configure r the site each time the visit.

- Third-party Cookies - Serve m to measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising . - Cookie advertising - Serve to target advertising as a function of interes ses of each user, thus limit the number of times of viewing the Announcement O. These cookies help measure effectiveness of advertising. However, not identified m user

Cookies may be used:

- permanent Cookies - you are stored at the level of web browser (browser) on your DEVICE Access the (pc, mobile and tablet) and They are used whenever the user makes a new visit the site. Usually used to direct the navigation co agreement m user interests, allowing us to provide a more personalized service the.

- Session cookies - are temp orários remain in cookies your web browser (browser) to exit site. The information obtained permits identify problems and provide a better experie Navigation INSTANCE. Use of Cookies can be blocked As explained the cooki es help you get the most advantage of the navigation. You can always des enable part or all cookies.

For this purpose, the user must follow the instr uções according to the browser uses. Below we indicate the pages of the manufacturer s of each browser on how to proceed to disable cookies;

Google Chrome:

http://support.goog le.com/chrome/bin/answer.py? hl = en & amp; answer = 95647 & amp; topic = 14666 & amp; ctx = topi c

Microsoft Internet Explorer

http://windows.microsoft.com/pt-PT/wind ows-vista / Block-or-allow- cookies


http: //support.mozilla.or g / en-US / kb / Enable% 20e% 20Desactivar% 20cookies? redir ectlocale = en- US & amp; redirectslug = + Enabling and disabling + cookies +


http: //support.appl e.com/kb/HT1677?viewlocale=pt_PT

& nbsp;

We recall that to disable cookies, parts d our website may not work correctly. More information about cookies can ob more information on cookies the next

link: & nbsp; www.allabo utcookies.org